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  Hi Folk's..... It's Erik ........ It is true I strive for high quality installation's from start to finish. I am looking at every detail and focusing on my clients vision,  I am guided by the Tile council of North America ( TCNA) standards and follow ANSI for material specifications. Always meeting and often surpassing local building code.
   Together WE will work to make your project come to life..... I offer custom tile / stone and detailed Trim finish carpentry installation's for the discerning Minneapolis /St. Paul homeowner. I can help you design your custom space, select materials, and better understand the how and why's of the process... 
    As added value we are partnered with A Master Plumber in Trenk Mechanical, and Master electricians at MJ Electric these folks take great care with our bathrooms and are experts at their crafts......You can find some recent client reviews at our Houzz page.........

  Feel free to "Scroll" down thru pages of various projects of our work, there you will find  details of HOW we build and the process in which we work.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin ...


Relax in travertine

    Heres A honed Travertine master bathroom project we did a few years back for A Minneapolis Design Build firm..... Really enjoy the randomness of this travertine oasis. I am always learning, improving and perfecting my skillset while staying on TOP of the fast moving tile industry You learn so much as you go, Its always neat to go back and look at your old work..........




Random Snapshots of our work

 " Chromotherapy steam shower"  
"We install FLAT flat flat ! tiled floors"

"We design & build custom steam rooms"

"We install many brands of Linear shower drains"

"We love Subway and hex tile installations"

"100% waterproof tile showers"

"We are custom tile shower pan installation experts"

"Wet area waterproofing"

"We do wood ! Custom Floating vanity & built ins"

"Experienced steam shower installations"

"Yes we install tile backsplash's"

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin ...


Rustic Powder Bathroom

  This Minneapolis area powder bathroom addition was A real design collaboration with A few skilled homeowners. Total gut and reno by Tundra Finish works... Stop over at our  Houzz  site where you can also check some recent reviews of our work!

Thanks To PaperPlane !


Custom Rain Shower

    It was very, very hard "NOT" to pull the cord. Ill bet these vintage rain heads look awesome in action.!!!


Modern Minneapolis tiled bathrooms

Twin cities, Minneapolis, Saint Paul take a look at this amazing custom Bathroom !
      Our clients are wrapping up with the painting...while we wait for doors to be delivered...A big thanks to the homeowners for their amazing patience and adventurous material choices.  "Credit where credit is due"  While we built and realized this complete bathroom remodel, A Lions share of the design and material choices were made by Bianca (homeowner) ......

    This eclectic Master bath features A curbless recessed shower, With A Tile-in linear drain , Hansgrohe fixtures, Marmara marble and large format porcelain tile from porcelenosa. We opted for frameless fixed panel 3/8" starfire glass.

    The floating vanity & counter were re-purposed and made from solid jarro wood ( refinished by the homeowner). Custom birch pantry built ins, and A large slate hexagon tiled floor with matching base........Other finishes from Kohler & Toto.

"Recessed shower design"

"Tile top Linear drain"

"large slate hexagon floor"

"Custom Jumbo shower Niche"

" Recycled custom floating his / her vanity"

"Hansgrohe Rain head shower head and body shower"


Houzz "Best of" Award

  We have been getting more and more clientele thru our Houzz page inquirie's.....very proud to say the Houzz team has given us A " Best of " Award for customer service....... a small step in the right direction

 you can visit our houzz site here:   http://www.houzz.com/badges/user/tundrafinishworks


Shower pan flood testing

     Our client is now tiling her own shower with a little guidance from us and some smart material coices.....she also just left us a glowing review on our Houzz site...Thanks Alison/Tim.

  Another custom neo angle 4x4 flood tested shower pan. In Eurorpe, Canada, Australia and many US cities Tile shower pans must be Flood tested for a 48-72hr period before any tiling can commence. This Guarantees the homeowner there are no leaks.  Tundra finish works is one of the only Tile shower builders in the twin cities that practice these methods...always request a flood test on your shower pans....

"Does your shower smell mildewey? Mouldy?

"here we are flood testing the shower pan"

"Protecting weep holes is critical"

Call Tundra finish works today to discuss your shower pan project!


Curbless or Barrier free custom showers Minneapolis / St.Paul

"Behind the scenes of A recent project  !! "

   If you are in the Minneapolis St.Paul Twin cities area and looking to build a curbless or "barrier free"  waterproof tile shower with or without a Linear drain Tundra Finish Works can help. !
  On this project we were hired to prepare the master bathroom for tiling. Screeded mud floor, recessed shower pan,  linear drain, and the showers waterproofing getting this barrier free bathroom thru city inspections and "Tile ready" for our clients to tile.

   We worked with a very skilled and experienced builder/Architect that had custom designed this master bathrooms framing to facilitate a 4'x7' barrier free curbless entry with a linear drain placed at back wall.  
"Waterproof barrier free & Linear drain shower buildout"

  90 sq.ft. mud floor screed over a heated substrate that flows into a custom recessed shower pan and finally into the 46" linear drain placed at the back wall. A project like this takes a lot of preparation and forethought. Luckily our client had done all the necessary designing well in advance...

    Just A few of the ways we can help:

* Our field experience can help you save time and costly mistakes.
      - ( Streamlining your project )
* Planning for and preparing the substrate
       -( Recessing and raising subfloor )
* Customizing the bathrooms grading & shower pan
      - ( Mud screed / ridgid materials )
* Drain choice and placement 
      - ( linear trench drains or standard primary)
* Customized waterproofing
     - ( CPE sheet and liquid applied membranes)
* Flood testing our work
     - ( We flood test our shower pans guaranteeing no leaks )
* City Inspections 
     - ( We can help you get thru your city shower pan inspections)


New Website in the +Works+

    ++++ Update 11-10-2015++++
   If you have been here before and arent finding A post or picture you saw previously and need that information please let us know, We are slowly working on A new website.......

     Thanks for the support Past, present, future Erik T.F.W

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Basement tile Steam Showers : Always a challenge

            Winter is here in Minnesota..........Its a good time to hunker down on a challenging "Custom" basement linear drain steam shower.. These ( low 7' overhead ) basement shower pans often times have to be recessed  6+  inches in order to maintain code compliance with  7' of  headroom.. Theres A lot of dirty structural slab work and plumbing groundwork that happens deeper...you only get one shot at this costly plumbing layout and you must do your math ( we suggest : measure 3 times,  cut once!!)

          Although we cant always get the drain p-trap as low as we want.......on this Steam shower, thanks to our plumbing/mechanical crew ( and our clients budget ) we will end up gaining 4+" of  much needed headroom to create a "curbless" drop in or "barrier free" linear drain steam shower..............

          There is a good amount of pre project math, layout, and dozens of decisions that need to be made before all else....This shower will have.... steam, chromatherapy lighting,  linear drain,  diverter to A rain head,  long bench,  niches, grab bars, etc......... this all requires extra pre project planning and layout.(experience and know how).

  Here:  Tundra finish works  handled all the pre project design / project planning  for the homeowners based on their visions........We lucked out with a neat well informed residential client couple  that has the budget to realize their dream steam shower as these buildout's are tricky time consuming and expensive.


Linear drain tile showers

  Tundra Finish Works has installed many brands of linear or trench shower drains. This shower build is A complete laticrete Hydroban waterproof shower system. Elongated subway ceramic from Olympia tile and carrerra mosaic shower floor with honed marble threshold....

"Hydroban linear drain"
 "100% concrete shower waterproofed with Hydroban"
"Custom basement bathroom lake of the isles"



Minneapolis Shower Pan Contractor

" Nobleseal thinbed with linear drain shower pan"

"Concrete shower pan with clamping drain divot" 

  Maybe you want to build your own tile shower...Yes ....you are still gonna need a "Flood testable" Shower pan built to code.... YES...You may consider this the most important step of Tile shower preperation. It takes a certain skillset, experience, product knowledge and know how.

    Tundra Finish Works can build you either A Thinbed (preferred) or A Full mortar bed shower pan with A 100% concrete curb. We can work with std. clamping drains, kirdi drains...

   We can help you source and install many brands of  linear drains.................

   The City of Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs are cracking down on Tile shower pan  inspections. (In most states every shower is flood tested for 24-72 hrs prior to moving forward with tiling the shower. (This makes it hard for unskilled handymen and even many skilled yet unqualified tile contractors to build showers for half price (in half the time) )

 Call Tundra Finish Works today to discuss your tile shower pan needs @ 952-239-0084


Minneapolis Kerdi Tile Shower

"Shower framing repair and pan prep work"

"Kerdi showers can be built with clamping drain"

"Carrerra marble shower floor and threshold"

....This South Minneapolis client was overdue for a new Waterproof tiled shower. Here we had to replace a lot of water damaged rotted out framing and rebuild part of the subfloor...... To Insure our client has no repeat of this in the future we upgraded a few materials and made some smart decisions. Tundra Finish Works built a 3x3 thinbed waterproof shower with traditional clamp ring drain. We used Nobleflex and Nobleseal TS as our pan membrane and weep divot.. and schluter Kerdi on walls...We also used ditra as a slip sheet for our pan.

"All of these options come at a cost and are considered "upgrades" in comparison to a more budget minded buildout (which is exactly how their last LEAKY MOLDY shower was built and why costly water damage to their home followed)"

For TILE we kept the cost down with affordable classic subway that mathched the origional period vintage hex floor...we used glass and metal mosaic accents and Carerra marble hexagon for the shower pan floor. The curb is honed from A slab of marble that had been hidden in their attic for decades...our client opted for quality frameless 3/8" tempered glass.....

Tundra finish works is well versed in SUSTAINABLE quality shower buildouts and can tailor your budget with a myriad of material choices and price points.... call us to discuss your Mpls/St. Paul area tile shower project today @ 952-239-0084


Minnetonka Steam Shower

If you are in the Minneapolis St.Paul area Call us today to discuss your custom tile shower needs @ 952-239-0084

This Linear Drain "ALMOST Curbless"!!!! Steam shower project was a challenge we enjoyed from start to finish.

Tundra Finish Works designed and built this steam shower. The drain is A Noble Freestyle Linear drain that when combined with A thin-bed installation alllows us to use large format tiles for the shower floor.Waterproofing by Laticrete and Noble...

A few bells and whistles

Mr.Steam chromatherapy lights, Amrec steam generator, Mr.Steam transducer speakers and semi frameless Tempered 3/8" glass complete with transom..

For Tile we chose Florida Tile "Progetto" series for its bold matte finish, thru body color, useable edge, and nearly IMPERVIOUS vitrosity levels (.5%) which is extremely important when building A Steam shower... as vapor transmission and perm ratings are always your biggest concern. Bold contemporary and a bit european was the theme for tile layout & design. We used grouts and silicones from TEC.

Thanks To these fine folks!!!!!
Lynn and John from Minnesota Tile and Stone.

Erik and Richard from (Noble Company)

John Whipple (By Any design LTD).

And of course the biggest! THANKS to our friends the Arundel's for the oppourtunity to realize this project from start to finish