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Hello and welcome, My name is Erik and I am a craftsman of my chosen trades of Tile and carpentry . From Minneapolis to San Diego and back I have been lucky to work with some very skilled individuals over the years . All along paying close attention to the process of fine home building . My clients are homeowners , achitects , design build firms , general contractors , interior designers , real estate professionals and more ... I typically estimate , sell and install the job myself .... I have found my clients get the best result by dealing directly with one focused person .. 1 client and 1 project at A time as I pride myself on my track record being firmly intact . Please take a look at my portfolio for pictures and insight to my process, and my services section for more detailed information . I want the chance to realize your vision together as A team . Please click the Houzz link below to read some recent client reviews ....

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Examples of our work

Just a few photo examples of endless tile and layout option's...If you can dream it I can build it. If you need design and direction I can help. Let my years of experience streamline youre tile related project . Together as A team we will excel.  Just reach out to me @ 952+239+0084

"Quality is all about details"

"Elegant  marble bathrooms"

"Flat Lippage free tiled floors"

" Modern eclectic Bathrooms "

" Custom luxury steam rooms "

" Master marble and stone installer "

" Basement bathrooms "

" Kitchen backsplash design and installation "

I would love the chance to quote youre next Minneapolis Saint Paul area custom tile installation, Big or small project......


Summertime | Steam Shower building

I have built many high quality steam showers over the years. A steam shower is A very serious undertaking and A specialty installation. "Steamers" require expert detailing in Vaporproofing, custom ceiling framing, smart project planning / material selection's as well as plumbing and electrical concerns. I have streamlined this process and can help you get it just right the first time. Here is a sneak peek at A 3'x5' Amerec steam shower in progress....

"Expert Generator installations"

 "Proper vaporproofing is paramount"

"Ive installed many brands of linear or trench drains"

"Porcelain tile is King in the steam world ask me why"

"Our Custom shower pan installations get flood tested"

     Summer is A great time to build your'e winter steamer  you don't really want to get caught without one come Jan/february in Minnesota do you? Reach out to discuss youre dream spa today @952+239+0084


Minneapolis enforces tile shower pan Flood testing | Finally

    You may have heard about the city of Minneapolis starting to enforce shower pan water test's in 2016 ?  This is great news for the homeowner and the tile industry...But I have been practicing this important step for many years (even though it was not required locally it is paramount this step in the process is not skipped and any true tile shower pro will insist on this being done)  If  you need help with youre twin cities shower pan inspection or need a sub-contractor or A consultation? I can help....you just need to call! @ 952+239+0084.


                              What is A shower pan flood test anyways?

     I use the best top of the line professional grade Materials throughout my installs. Crack isolation and waterproofing from The Noble company, Ardex America, Laticrete, USG shower systems, Wedi, Schluter kerdi, TEC, Mapei, and Custom building products all find there way into our projects.

The best Tiled shower pans start here! @ 952+239+0084



Is Marble tile trending | 2016 ?

      Isn't it always trending???    Heres A classy Marble master bathroom I built for A very skilled builder in the Lake Harriet area of South Minneapolis......We have been seeing A trending of marble inquiries lately, specifically Bianco Carrara, Calcutta and Marmara... We love working with stone!!!!!
   In this custom ensuite we installed marble from Carrara Italy, Turkey, and China.......... polished and honed  12"x12" wall tile, linear mosaic accents, pencil cap and edge details with A mini versailles mosaic floor and custom radius corner shelves. 

   Thanks to Greg Schmidt @  

"Real Italian Carrara "

"Mini Versailles mosaic floor"

"Linear marble mosaic chairrail inlay"

"Enjoy the challenge!" 


Can you relax in travertine ?

           Taking a look back at our old work.. this one I think, .....from 2011

    This is A honed Travertine master bathroom project we did for A Minneapolis Design Build firm..... I Really enjoy the randomness of this stone oasis. I am always learning, improving and perfecting my skillset while staying on TOP of the fast moving tile industry as I follow the Tile council of North America (TCNA) standards.. You learn so much as you go, Its always neat to see your past projects still looking good..........

"Bullnose tub deck"

  "Frameless Glass enclosures"

"Customized soapbox Niche's"

High Quality Travertine, marble or stone installs can be found  @ 952-239-0084


Rustic Powder Bathroom

  This Mpls area powder bathroom addition was A real design collaboration with A few skilled homeowners. Total gut and reno by Tundra Finish works... Marble chevron splashback Custom  floating vanity top, and Large format 24" x 24" tiled floor. Stop over at our  Houzz  site where you can also check some recent reviews of our work!

"Sliding patina barn door"
"Mutina rectified porcelain flooring"

"Custom Black walnut slab counter"
"Detailed crafstmanship"

"Installing large format tile"

Bathroom trends are always changing, lets do something creative together...(952)+239+0084


Modern Minneapolis tiled bathrooms

Twin cities, take a look at this amazing custom bathroom !
      This eclectic Master bath features A curbless recessed shower, With A Tile-in linear drain , Hansgrohe fixtures, Marmara marble and large format OXO Blanco porcelain tile from porcelanosa. We opted for A single frameless fixed panel of starphire glass.

    The floating vanity and counter we recycled and reused (made from solid jarro wood (refinished by the homeowner). Custom birch pantry built ins, and A large slate hexagon tiled floor with matching base........Other finishes from Kohler / Toto.

"Recessed shower design"

"Tile top Linear drain"

"large slate hexagon floor"

"Custom Jumbo shower Niche"

" Recycled his / her vanity"

"Rain head and body shower"


Glass stone ceramic tile | St. paul

"Bright and open feel for a basement bathroom"

"Details matter people!"

    This calming rainfall basement bath is located in the macalester - groveland neighbourhood of Saint Paul . On this project we used a marble look glazed ceramic wall tile and matching porcelain floor  from The tile shop, with mixed mosaic accents and marble pencils to cap the glass/stone/ceramic mosaic chair inlay and backsplash. 100% Waterproof Laticrete tiled shower system with a nice ebbe drain and schluter Rondec profile edges or "Jollys" and Ditra on the slab floor for both water mitigation an crack isolation...


Shower pan flood testing

     Our client wanted to DIY tile her own replacement shower with a little guidance and help from us, but she hadnt a clue of how to build or eliminate the chance of paying for another Leaking tile shower..........so we did all the heavy lifting and Prep work which is really where A shower can go very wrong. Our shsowers are completely leak free and waterproofed like a rubber glove before a single tile enters the picture, theres so many details and ways to cut corners and this is where most homeowners get cheated. ..... Well she did a great job behind us and also left us a glowing review on our Houzz site. Thanks Alison/Tim.

  This Custom neo angle 4'x4' flood tested concrete or mud shower pan and curb employs the "divot method" and protected weep hole drain plus top of the line waterproofing from Ardex and Nobleseal TS. In Europe, Canada, Australia and most US cities Tile shower pans must be Flood tested for a 48-72hr period before any tiling can commence. This Guarantees the homeowner there are no leaks.

"Does your walk in smell mildewey? Mouldy?

"This is what a flood test looks like !"

"Protecting weep holes is critical"

A technical HOW To measure a proper leak test:

   The goal is to verify that theinstallation is watertight, this means all the corners (inside and outside) and the drain to waterproofing (liner) connection. As well we must make sure the weep holes are allowing water to pass if you are building a full mortar bed pan . Most new modern waterproof shower builds are what we call "Topical or Surface applied" membrane showers that do not employ weep holes. (Pictured above is A mix of the 2 methods and this version is called A thinbed that employs A weep hole divot for the clamping drain.

  **** NOTE: Let me preface by saying the water test is done PRIOR to tiling. If you are building the above mentioned Full mortar bed older type shower pan it is done BEFORE the top layer of mud screed is poured. There is little chance youll get an accurate reading when the mortar bed is soaking and wicking water and that goes for cement board walls as well. The pan should be tested at the Liner stage with no mud bed and no wall boards touching the water level as we don't want those elements giving a false read.  The process shown above is A topical waterproofed shower so we are able to test at this stage for an accurate reading with this type of build. ******

  1. The drain should be plugged with a test plug BELOW the actual drain connection ( i.e. Mission coupling or glue connection) and down into the riser pipe this way we are checking the actual plumbing drain connection as well as the tile membrane or liner to flange connection.

 2. The shower should be filled with water up to the finished dam height just spilling up onto the curb or threshold. You should be testing the shower dam inside/outside corners but many guides will mention you need to fill the shower no more than 2" deep and this in many case will not fully test the threshold or "curb".

3. Most industry specs call for 48-72 hr test but your inspector may settle for 24 hrs and we all know the inspector Wins!.

4. Utilizing an additional Evaporation test to monitor loss in conjunction with the filled shower pan. (2 tests)
    - this means we are also looking at ambient room temperature conditions as well and comparing the 2 tests for evaporation. It is not uncommon to lose A VERY SMALL amount of water level if its an unusually dry or windy environment. I.E. fans/air movement love to throw these tests off so keep that out of the equation as this can throw the measurement off and give you a false reading .
   - This second test can be as simple as A tupperware dish or sauce pan filled with water and left in the bathroom next to the shower pan flood test. Now we have 2 points at which to compare any small loss. 

  - OK how do we measure accurately?? Great question.  

    As pictured we use multiple "Carpenter squares" in both tests similtaniously to take pictures of the levels on a ruler that needs to stay in place throughout the process. We take measured readings throughout the process and we may need access to the shower at any time during the test to monitor for any leaks and abort the test if needed to make corrections.

****Tip: Once you verify the shower is watertight and you pass your inspection you need to make SURE ALL the water drains and that there are no "Bird baths" or low spots  in the slope or  grading ( preslope ) holding back or pooling any water, The water should completely drain and dry out rapidly. 

Call Tundra finish works today @ 952+239+0084 to discuss your tile shower pan needs


What can I do

Tile Showers / Steam showers

Be it glazed ceramic, glass, porcelain, marble or stone . There are A lot of new modern options people ! Current trends are barrier free, full wet rooms, curbless and linear drains...sound fun ? Steam showers never go out of style either. I can help you design any type of custom shower or bathtub surround you can dream up. You will get a written scope of work that clarifies my process, materials, standards and practices. Your new bathroom, tub surround or shower will be 100% waterproofed and "flood or leak tested" before it gets tiled and youre steam room will be expertly vaporproofed


From demo to expert substrate preperations . I install porcelain, stone, marble, cement tiles and epoxy coated floors but that is not all !!. It is 2016 and large format tiles (LFT) are trending.. 12"x24" set in a herringbone layout ? Large hexagon ? Wood look or plank tile ? even chevron patterns are coming back and this is all happening right now ! I will give you a beautiful lifetime lasting tiled floor that will meet TCNA and ANSI installation standards and I walk you thru the how and why of the process. Yes I install Laminate, engineered wood and prefinished hardwood too.

Bathroom remodeling

It is common for me to take on full bathroom renovations. From the design to demo to build. From studs and joists or slab on grade (SOG) to the finish line I can handle all of your tile, framing and trim carpentry, as well as level 5 finish drywall EXPERTLY... What more? as added value to you .. 'I am partnered with custom cabinetry and countertop experts, master electricians and plumbers. I have helped many DIY homeowners with their permitted projects. I commonly take on sub contracted bathroom builds for Design/Build firms, general contractors, Interior designers and work well with architects and plans.


I excel at many aspects of capentry with a solid understanding of residential construction from A-Z. This means a wide range of scope from stair tread installation ,railings and bannisters to trim mouldings , cabinetry installs and framing. Door installations, built-ins window casings , Crown, base... etc etc OK you get the point !. Knowing well my skillset and limits.... If I dont feel I can give you an expert result I may help refer you to a skilled partner that best fits your specific project needs.

My process

Client relations come first and foremost, You and me . Craftsmanship and fine details are always in focus as I practice new cutting edge and old world methods throughout my projects. Working toward your vision while being guided by my experience and " hands on " time honed skillset. I meet or exceed and follow all current industry standards and comply with every building code. Be it the (TCNA) Tile council of North America, ANSI specifications, residential IRC framing specs or the local building officials. Lets do it properly and nail it the first time...together.


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